Lambo offers an exclusive assortment of high quality, field grown trees.
The tallest trees reach a height of seven meters. With the support of our experienced staff we can assure that each product in our tree nursery is regularly transplanted and well trimmed. As a result of these methods that are implemented on a daily basis, we guarantee the delivery of a strong, well developed root system or wire ball that will ensure a healthy re-growth

One of the specialties of Giuseppe Bozzetti and Maurizio Lapponi is the cultivation of 100 different varieties of ornamental trees. From this assortment, you can select the best type of tree for street or garden use. Also, we pay special attention to environmental demands and modernization of cultivation methods.

We can deliver your order within one week throughout all of Europe. In the seasonal periods, we arrange daily transportation to all destinations, with speed and reliability. Conveniently, you can order by fax , e-mail or phone, but of course you are welcome to come and visit our tree nursery. We welcome customers daily to personally select the specific product that they need.

Best Regards Giuseppe Bozzetti and Maurizio Lapponi


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